Provide additional heat and chemical resistance than neoprene or nitrile rubber elastomers.


A family of fluoroelastomer materials
FKM is well-known by DuPont (Viton®). Most of people know the "Viton" instead of "FKM".


It is usually used in chemical process and petroleum refining. More than that, it also can be used in food, pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturing.


Low Temperature

Works great in low temperature.

Oil Resistance

Usually use for oil seal or sealing parts in cars or motorcycle.


Good insulator. Usually used in semiconductor related machines or products. ​

Physical Property

Durometer Hardness, Shore A, 15s Shore A 60 ~ 90
Color Brown / Black
Normal Working Temperature - 20℃ ~ 205℃  |  - 45°F ~ 401°F
Max. Operating Temperature °C(°F) Up to 250℃  |  482°F
Brittle Temperature Low to - 45℃  |  - 49°F