HNBR can be used over a broad temperature range


Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber
HNBR is a highly saturated elastomer obtained by special hydrotreating of nitrile rubber. It makes HNBR have better strength and physical performance than NBR.
All things considered, HNBR is one of the most excellent rubber material.


Commonly used to manufacture O-rings, oil seals or gaskets for automotive A/C systems and petroleum industry.


Chemical Resistance

Ideal material for using in environment with acid or alkali

Oil Resistance

Usually use for oil seal or sealing parts in cars or motorcycles

Wear Resistance

Good wearable ability

Refrigerant (Freon) Resistance

For new eco-friendly refrigerant like R134a, R410a, R32, HNBR provides better performance

Heat Resistance

In car industry, it is highly used in engine system.

Low Compression Set

Low compression set remains original performance for long time using

Physical Property

Durometer Hardness, Shore A, 15s Shore A 50 ~ 90
Color Black (usually)
Normal Working Temperature - 40℃ ~ 150℃  - 40°F ~ 302°F
Max. Operating Temperature °C(°F) Up to 160℃  |  320°F
Brittle Temperature Low to - 45℃  |  - 49°F