Wide usage without smell and taste


polymerized siloxanes ( polysiloxanes )
Silicones consist of an inorganic silicon-oxygen backbone chain (⋯–Si–O–Si–O–Si–O–⋯) with organic side groups attached to the silicon atoms.


It can be us for various industry like atmosphere & aero industry, lubrication & hydraulic system, automotive industry, houseware industry, electronic industry even medical usage


Wide Working Temperature

Usually it can stand for wide temperature from over 200℃ / 212°F to 55℃/131°F

Low Compression Set

Within the working temperature of range, the compression set is the lowest in synthetic rubbers


The non-conductive characteristic makes it good for electronic and semiconductor industry.

Physical Property

Durometer Hardness, Shore A, 15s Shore A 30 ~ 90
Color Red (usually)
Normal Working Temperature - 50℃ ~ 210℃  |  - 58°F ~ 410°F
Max. Operating Temperature °C(°F) Up to 250℃  |  482°F
Brittle Temperature Low to - 100℃  - 148°F